A note on dog training…

A note on dog training…

Bull Valley Retrievers
There is no doubt that a well-trained dog is a luxury, whether your dog’s purpose is household companion or hunting partner. At Bull Valley Retrievers, dog training is available to meet the needs of any dog owner.
For every dog, a solid obedience foundation is crucial. Obedience training is available to teach your companion pet everything he or she needs to know in order to harmoniously coexist with your family. Your dog will learn:
• Basic obedience
• Recall
• Sit
• Stay
• Heel
In addition to the above lessons, Bull Valley Retrievers can provide one-on-one training to help solve specific problems you are experiencing with your pet, or to help you better understand the training and communication process. All obedience training programs are tailored to the individual dog and his or her needs. This extended-stay format ensures every aspect of your dog’s behavior is observed and modified appropriately. Most dogs require 4 – 6 weeks of obedience training, but individuals may vary. For one-on-one sessions, hour long appointments can be scheduled at a Bull Valley Retriever location, in your home, or at an off-site area.
In addition to the board and train obedience format, puppy primer and jumpstart programs are available to get your puppy started on the right track. The puppy primer is suitable for dogs aged 2 – 5 months, and the puppy development program is for dogs aged 6 months and older. These programs can be performed as extended stay or as individual sessions. All breeds and ability levels are welcome at Bull Valley Retrievers.

Besides obedience and companion training, hunting and gun dog preparation are a passion for the staff at Bull Valley Retrievers. Types of Hunting and Gun Dog training includes:

• Hunt Test Training
• Upland Training
• Waterfowl Training
• Companion Gun Dog Training
• One-on-One Training
• Shed Hunting

You can expect your dog to first receive a solid foundation in obedience before moving towards specific hunt/gun dog skills such as force fetching, e-collar conditioning, beginning blinds, steadying, and advanced training. All levels of AKC and UKC Hunt Test training are available. For the companion gun dog, socialization and exposure towards various situations encountered in the field will be covered, as well as scenting, tracking, force fetching, and delivery to hand. In addition, one-on-one training sessions can help you work through specific problems you may be experiencing with your dog and are performed in a field-setting, on the Bull Valley Retrievers training grounds, or in your home.
Each training program is geared towards the specific strengths and weaknesses of your pet, working within his or her ability level. The staff at Bull Valley Retrievers understands that not every dog will be a Field Champion, and each training program is designed to bring out the very best of each dog’s natural abilities.
No matter what type of training you choose, you can rest assured that only a limited number of dogs are on the premises at any given time, ensuring your pet receives all the attention and custom training that he or she deserves.
After your dog has been trained – either for hunting or general obedience – you and your family are encouraged to spend time at Bull Valley Retrievers to learn the commands and the proper way to communicate with your dog. While your pet is involved in the extended-stay program, you are welcome to visit him or her at any time to observe its progress.

Thank You,

Joe Scarpy