Taking Advantage of the Off-Season

Taking Advantage of the Off-Season

Keep Training Going – Taking Advantage of the Off-Season

Not every drill that you perform with your dog has to require a lot of activity.  One way you can take advantage of the off-season (particularly on days when it is too hot to spend a lot of time running around) is with this simple drill.  

Boat steadying drills are perfect if you hunt from a boat during duck season.  Start with your boat on steady, solid ground. Position your dog in the boat and then toss bumpers into the field.  However, do not send your dog after the bumpers, and retrieve them yourself instead. These are called denials, which will improve your dog’s steadying and his or her ability to honor.  

Once your dog is reliable with denials inside the boat, ask your dog to stay in the boat while you stand outside of it.  Toss the bumpers and again deny your dog the retrieval. Always remember to reward and praise your dog for staying put in the same manner as you would for retrieving.  

Ultimately, this drill is beneficial because it helps you get in right on land before going to the water!