What is Force Fetch – We Can Help…

Force fetching is a popular training technique used to teach retrievers to reliably retrieve game on command. Force fetching is a process of teaching a retriever to retrieve a game bird or other object on command and to hold it until released. It is an important part of training a retriever for hunting and field trials.

Force fetching is a process that requires patience and consistency. It begins with teaching the dog to take an object in its mouth. This is done by presenting the object and using a verbal command, such as “fetch” or “take it.” Once the dog has the object in its mouth, the handler should use a verbal command, such as “hold” or “carry,” to encourage the dog to keep the object in its mouth. The handler should then use a verbal command, such as “give” or “drop,” to encourage the dog to release the object.

Once the dog has mastered the basics of force fetching, the handler can begin to teach more advanced commands, such as “Back”, which leads into Handling or Blind Work. Force fetching is an important part of training a retriever and should be done with patience and consistency. With proper training, a retriever can become a reliable hunting partner and a great addition to any hunting party.

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Hunter Dunbar – Outdoor writer