Bull Valley Retrievers – Your Overall Retriever Training Source

Your Overall Retriever Training Source – Bull Valley Retrievers

For over 20 years Bull Valley Retrievers has been your Overall Retriever Training Source! If it’s All Breed Obedience, Companion Hunting Dog Training / Companion Gun Dog Training, Shed Dog Training or If you’re interested in Hunt Test Training, we are your source.

Hunting with a trained retriever makes a good hunt great! Our training programs are designed to create overall retriever training, available at your fingertips by offering one-on-on training as well as a board and train option.

We start with an evaluation, after the evaluation we then develop a plan for you and your dog. The plan will help you stay focused and develop the dog you are looking for. Just like a book, a plan should be followed chapter by chapter and will help promote learning, keeping in mind that a dog learns by repetition, hence creating a habit.

Creating a plan will help

  • Stay focused
  • Teach progressively
  • Employ repetition to the point of habit formation
  • Evaluate results
  • Remain flexible
  • Break down all skills into their individual components

Keep in mind that training is a marathon and not a sprint. Contact your Overall Retriever Training Source – Bull Valley Retrievers for your evaluation and help creating the plan you need to create the exceptional Retriever. Contact Bull Valley Retrievers Here

Hunter Dunbar – Outdoor writer