Having the correct equipment makes dog training much easier

Mistake #1:  Not kennel training your dog
When it comes time to take your dog on your first hunting or training trip into the field, your pet should always travel in a safe crate.  One of the most important hunting dog supplies is a durable crate which will keep your pet safe during travel, especially when driving through areas that require four wheel drive.  A kennel will also contain your pet during times when you need him or her to stay put, such as during emergencies.

Mistake #2:  Not properly socializing your dog to gun shots
A gun shy dog is one of the worst fates that can befall a hunter.  However, many owners do not properly condition their dogs to accept the sound of gunfire overhead.  An important hunting dog training item are blanks or poppers which are beneficial as you slowly transition your dog towards accepting louder and louder noises. 

Mistake #3:  Starting with an electronic collar
An e-collar is considered by many to be indispensable among the list of hunting dog training supplies, however, it is not appropriate to put an e-collar on your dog the moment you begin training.  Owners should work through a variety of training methods, starting with a check cord, working up to a pinch collar, and then finishing with an electronic collar. Consult the help of a professional dog trainer if you are unsure of the use of an e-collar.

Mistake #4:  Not giving your dog enough independence
It can be easy to micromanage the training of our dogs, either because we are afraid of losing them in the field or because we want to control every single aspect of the experience.  However, many dogs learn best when they make their own mistakes, such as coming upon a skunk or porcupine on their own. When a hunter is overly concerned with losing a dog, its range in the field is severely limited.  For these pets, a tracking collar is a necessary hunting dog training supply as it provides the owner peace of mind while giving the dog an opportunity to truly learn.

Mistake #5:  Not building a strong obedience foundation
By far one of the most common hunting dog training mistakes is to not build a solid enough foundation in obedience before moving onto hunting drills and exercises.  If your dog cannot master recall in a controlled environment, he or she will greatly struggle when placed in a field with unlimited distractions and the reward of a downed bird.  If you need tips on starting your dog’s training, training-specific books and DVDs can help guide you through this important step.